1841 Amritsar, Summer Palace
On the edges of the Amritsar Summer Palace stands Arbaaz Mir, a skilled and deadly Assassin. This mission is different though. There are no Templars to deal with, only innocent guards who, under the Assassin’s mantra, cannot be harmed. Arbaaz must rely on all of his training and skills to gain entry to the palace and move through its grounds without being detected. Deep within the palace walls lies Arbaaz’ goal, Princess Pyara Kaur’s personal chambers.

Maximum Level Score Available: 5’110 Pts.
4’660 Pts. – 12 Shadow Gold Ratings
250 Pts. – Secondary Objective
200 Pts. – Style Bonus (Shadow: Gold)

Sync Points: 1
Animus Shards: 9
Chests: 2

2’500 Pts. – Increased Health
3’750 Pts. – Carry Bodies Faster

Plus Game Mode Upgrade
7’500 Pts. – Increased Health

Video Walkthrough