1841 Amritsar, Town
The next morning, Arbaaz Mir is to meet with his Mentor, Hamid. The Templar presence within Amritsar has grown and Hamid is concerned they have begun looking for the Koh-I-Noor diamond again, after its supposed destruction. Leaving his lover, the Princess Pyara Kaur, safe in the palace, Arbaaz must move through the bustling town and rendezvous with his friend before the Templars realize the diamond is in Hand’s care.

Maximum Level Score Available: 4’120 Pts.
3’720 Pts. – 10 Shadow Gold Ratings
200 Pts. – Secondary Objective
200 Pts. – Style Bonus (Shadow: Gold)

Sync Points: 4
Animus Shards: 8
Chests: 3

2’000 Pts. – Crouch Sprint
3’500 Pts. – Increased Chakram Ammo

Plus Game Mode Upgrade
7’500 Pts. – Lockpick Speed Increased

Video Walkthrough