1841 Amritsar, Templar Outpost
Learning of Hamid’s capture, Arbaaz must infiltrate the Templar stronghold and free his Mentor before it’s too late. In the meantime, Hamid comes face to face with the Templar Major, William Sleeman, and his right-hand man, Captain Alexander Burnes, who believe Hamid has vital information that will lead them to their goals.

Maximum Level Score Available: 4’190 Pts.
3’740 Pts. – 9 Shadow Gold Ratings
250 Pts. – Secondary Objective
200 Pts. – Style Bonus (Shadow: Gold)

Sync Points: 2
Animus Shards: 7
Chests: 3

2’000 Pts. – Increased Health
3’250 Pts. – Pickpocket Speed Increased

Plus Game Mode Upgrade
7’250 Pts. – Increased Damage

Video Walkthrough