1841 Afghanistan, Herat Citadel
After the collapse of the Precursor site at the Templar Outpost, Sleeman and his forces have moved onto Herat Castle in Afghanistan. The local Afghans have not taken kindly to the British occupation and a battle has broken out. As Arbaaz arrives, the Afghans are being contained by the Templar forces. Sensing an opportunity to help himself and the Afghans, Arbaaz targets sabotaging key points of the castle to tilt the balance in the Afghan forces’ favor.

Maximum Level Score Available: 5’910 Pts.
5’460 Pts. – 13 Shadow Gold Ratings
250 Pts. – Secondary Objective
200 Pts. – Style Bonus (Shadow: Gold)

Sync Points: 1
Animus Shards: 7
Chests: 3

2’500 Pts. – Increased Smoke Ammo
4’500 Pts. – Increased Noise Ammo

Plus Game Mode Upgrade
10’000 Pts. – Smoke Duration Increased

Video Walkthrough