1841 Punjab, Katasraj Temple
Arbaaz awakens at Katasraj Temple, in the custody of the Templars. Stripped of his tools and weapons, Arbaaz must rely on all his skills and intelligence to escape. Once reunited with his equipment, Arbaaz can then liberate the Templars of the artifacts they have acquired, stealing them from within their own camp.

Maximum Level Score Available: 5’470 Pts.
5’020 Pts. – 11 Shadow Gold Ratings
250 Pts. – Secondary Objective
200 Pts. – Style Bonus (Shadow: Gold)

Sync Points: 1
Animus Shards: 6
Chests: 3

2’500 Pts. – Assassination Noise Reduced
3’750 Pts. – Increased Health

Plus Game Mode Upgrade
8’000 Pts. – Helix Bar Increased

Video Walkthrough